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In the Beginning


In the beginning there was nothing. Or so is our understanding in present times. Whether one subscribes to the creationist theory espoused by Judeo/Christian culture – the creation of the universe by God in six days, or the ‘big-bang’ theory held by scientists in which the universe was created by a cosmic explosion of matter in all directions some 15 billion years ago, the result is one and the same. It is easy to see that the six days of creation described in Genesis could simply be a figurative time reference, in that it could relate to the Deity’s days each of which could be billions of years. Furthermore, the ‘big-bang’ could easily have been the Deity’s way of creating the universe. Everything is relative.

More importantly, one can’t get something from nothing. Picture an empty tabletop, with nothing on it. There is absolutely no way that anything can appear on that tabletop unless it is put there. Logically, it has to be put there by someone or something. Therefore that someone or something – be it the Deity or inert matter - had to exist before the creation of the universe. It is beyond our understanding, and we may never find out the true mechanics of it. Does it really matter? There seems no way that our lives could be improved by such knowledge, so it is perhaps best left to conjecture.

Another thorny question is that of evolution. Creationists of all major religions stick steadfastly to the notion that some 6000 years ago Mankind was just plonked-down on the Earth by the Deity, in the midst of all the fauna and animals previously placed there for Mankind’s pleasure and sustenance. Again, this is another potentially figurative notion. Today we know that many cultures and civilisations existed countless years before 4000BC, and the actuality of evolution has been proven beyond a doubt. It is more than possible that the two schools of thought are true: the Deity may have created all the creatures in the World, and taken some time to decide which creature to endow with a soul.

Statue of Cybele - Catal Hoyuk woman urinating on a man
Vinca Goddess figure on toilet-throne
Minoan civilization
Bronze pinhead of Lur woman urinating on man
Temple of Cybele campus

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