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Cybelian Marriage is today's answer to centuries of male-dominated unions. In a Cybelian Marriage it is the woman who is the primary partner; the man's place is secondary. Hence it is suitable only for unions in which the female is assertive and the male submissive. Due to the various aspects of the lifestyle, the full consensuality of both partners is essential from the outset.

The three basic tenets of a Cybelian marriage are that the husband is kept naked & collared when at home, sleeps on the floor naked at the foot of the woman's bed at night, and is used by her as a toilet at all times, drinking her urine as an act of submission to her. In all these actions, he willingly relinquishes his dignity and self-respect.

Cybelian women are free to cuckold their husbands by having sex with as many other men as they desire, letting the men penetrate them bareback if they wish. Some may let their husbands have sex with them, while many may not - just allowing him to masturbate. Some wives require the husband to let other men use him for sex.

Love can play as big a part in Cybelian marriages as in traditional ones, but within the context of a female-led relationship. However, love is not a requirement - often a Cybelian woman feels little or nothing for her husband. In some cases the woman actually loathes him. The man accepts this, and is content to be abject and wretched. Such is the nature of female dominance and male submission.


The man may look wretched and abject, but that is the way he has chosen to live.

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